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osgSDL is a simple library that can be used to create an OpenGL rendering context for use with applications based on the Open Scene Graph library. It is also used to handle input events, such as key presses, mouse clicks, etc. This library uses SDL to create the rendering context and handle input events. This library is useful as an alternative to using GLUT or Producer, and is mainly of interest to Open Scene Graph application developers.


Oct 6, 2007
This release includes support for some "special" keys, such as Escape, the arrow keys, the F-keys, etc. OSG 1.2 is currently supported. Future releases of osgSDL will likely target OSG 2.x.
Feb 5, 2006
The example app now includes build files for Visual Studio. Thanks, Lee! Sorry it took me 4 months to upload the changes.
Oct 2, 2005
The library has been ported to OSG 0.9.9. Some compiler warnings were also fixed.
Nov 6, 2004
A simple example app is now available. Check out the download page.
Sept 12, 2004
First actual release.  Changes include:
  • Linux build files are now included.
  • A new function has been added: runOnce(), which allows you to use your own main loop instead of osgSDL's run()
  • Input events are now handled a little more efficiently.  All queued SDL events are processed every time runOnce() is called.  This prevents events from backlogging, which in turn prevents the mouse input events from "lagging behind" and creating the appearance of a sluggish interface.
  • Spaceball support is now optional.  I'm still working on making this a compile-time option which can be set when you run the configure script.

Sept 1, 2004 First release under the new Sourceforge site.

osgSDL was written by Marco Jez; the original osgSDL site can be found here. Marco doesn't maintain osgSDL any more, so I asked him if it was OK to take over maintenance for the library. He agreed, so here it is. The original code is posted on the download page.

I don't have really big plans for osgSDL. I'm just going to keep it up-to-date with Open Scene Graph and SDL. Also planned is an example application that makes use of osgSDL, and maybe some documentation.

I'll post the latest code this weekend. It includes Linux build files (osgSDL started out as a Windows library, and included only VC6 build files) and a couple of bug fixes.


Links to the source code can be found on the download page.

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